I’m often meeting clients in London for coffee and have spent the last 8 years trying to find the best places that tick all my boxes… Those boxes are:

  • Warm, it’s got to be warm, there’s nothing worse than being in a cold coffee shop that has the door open and shut every 30 seconds.
  • Great wifi, I’m sure you already know that I work as a web designer so this is crucial and I’m sure this is applicable to all industries.
  • Great staff, There is nothing worse than waiting for a coffee for a long period of time or the waiter staff are rude… Agreed?

So here’s my best…
1. 5th View – (Waterstones, Piccadilly, 5th floor)

These guys are the friendliest bunch! I’ve been going to 5th View for years and all of the staff are lovely, it’s of course… warm and and has free wifi with good connection. Yay!
2. The Ned (Bank)

This Hotel reminds me of New York because of its decor and style – I love it. You might think that this place is for Members only but with 10 restaurants and god knows how many bars, it’s for everyone. They have lots of places to sit and have coffee. The staff are everywhere waiting to take your order and the atmosphere is great. If you do of course want to join the membership it will set you back around £3000 so take advantage of the free access areas, restaurants, bars and the library for your meetings. 

3. St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel (Kings Cross)
The lobby of the St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel is perfect for coffee meetings. The only catch is there is a minimum speed of £12.00 and you have to arrive early to get a table. This is a popular spot for business meetings and can get quite busy at times. So if you’re early, I recommend this location as it ticks my boxes.
4. Le Méridien Piccadilly

This place is a little hidden gem. It’s in Piccadilly but it’s never really that busy which is fantastic for us, not so much for them.
This gorgeous conservatory terrace is on the 2nd floor of the hotel and anyone can rock up and have a coffee, lunch or drinks. The staff are always helpful and the Wifi is spot on.
5. Ham Yar Hotel (Piccadilly)

I love this hotel! It’s so quirky and once again tucked away around the back of Piccadilly except this place is nearly always busy. Honestly my favourite bit of this meeting place in the hand creme in the bathrooms haha trust me on this one. But of course it’s great for coffee. You will have to ask a member of staff for the Wifi code but it is free.
6. Charlotte Street Hotel

I can’t mention the Ham Yard Hotel without mentioning their sister hotel Charlotte Street Hotel – They have limited space in the main dining area of the hotel but can usually squeeze you in. If you want more privacy, you will need to meet earlier in the day as it will be busy.
I hope you find these select places for a client meeting helpful to you for your business meetings. If you want to add to my list please do comment below or email me directly as I’m always looking for great places.
Cheryl x