5 Things I’m Doing to Grow My Business in 2018

December is a great time to look back at over the last 12 months at which marketing strategies worked in 2017 that I want to carry over to 2018. I wanted to share these with you. Here they are:


I use Buffer to schedule my social media as I can’t be on all social media platforms all day. This would take up too much of my time and I prefer (when I can) to post in the moment. So often I use Buffer when I’m away on holiday or have a busy few weeks ahead. Staying in the forefront of people’s memory is key and this is certainly a great way of doing this for free. Give it a try.


Whether it’s Instagram stories, the new Facebook Creator app, or Snapchat. These broadcasting apps aren’t going anywhere and I intend to carry on using them for 2018. I started using these in the summer. In the beginning, it was a daunting process. How much do I share? How much is too much? But actually, that’s entirely down to you and how comfortable you are with sharing your life.

I try to have a balance of personal and work stories. I now find them fun to do and the engagement can be higher on stories than a more traditional social media platform. I often have clients tell me that they find my stories funny so give it a try in 2018. I promise I will support you! Come and fine me on stories

3. Blogging

When I first started blogging back in 2013 I really struggled with writing blogs as I had no confidence that business owners would want to read what I had to say. As a dyslexic, I‘ve spent my whole life thinking that I wasn’t quite good enough at reading and writing and I was so so wrong!

I was advised by my business coach Jo James that I had to start blogging and it was one of those tasks that I would have to complete for the month as an action point. I hated it and the truth is, I hated it for years until this year I found new confidence in myself and therefore in my writing. The truth is I know my stuff and I wanted to share my knowledge with my clients in any way I could. And just like that, I found this platform to be enjoyable as well as bring growth processes to my business and you can to!

If you need help starting out, I’ve written a blog on Website in a Day to help you post your first blog: How to Post a Blog in WordPress

5.Email Marketing

Email Marketing is still the number 1 way to market your business. The return on investment is the highest amongst all marketing strategies. I must admit that I’m not the best at being the most regular user but when I look at the results of engagement per newsletter I send out, I really should! The last 6 months, I have sent an email newsletter once per month and I plan on doing the same in 2018 as I have definitely have got business from this wonderful strategy. you could to! There are plenlty of platforms you can use and yes, even free ones.


Ahhhh Networking… the bitter sweat of my working life. This has always been a growth strategy of mine from the beginning of 2010. And this, in my opinion, is the best way to meet other business owners that may need your services or product. If you wanted to you could attend a networking event in London every single day of the week, so where to start? That’s easy, Just look at Eventbrite for what’s going on and where. They will be a variety of events to suit everyone and some will even be free. I have attended Sister Snog, Contacts and Cocktails, Lady Val’s BNI Athena, WIBN and many more over the years and they are all very different. Only the very best ones, I still attend.

One massive tip though…please don’t go networking with the idea that someone will want to buy your service or product. Go with the idea that you will meet some (maybe one) amazing people in business that you can relate to. People don’t take too kindly to having a business card shoved in their faces.
Let me know what you are up to in 2018, Are you trying something new? Maybe you are investing your money in Facebook Adverts? or You Tube Vlogs? if so, I’d love to know what you think…

Cheryl x