I first came across Claudia Fallah’s products in 2016 when I met her at a networking event. I was keen to see Claudia as she … Continue Reading

Recently, as well as building websites I’ve been working with some amazing women on the new radio show ‘SheBuildsBrands’ Kubi Springer has bought together a great bunch of women to talk all things business, brands and lifestyle. Kubi Springer is the founder of SheBuildsBrands and creator of the SBB Radio Show. I was asked to … Continue Reading

If you are going to be organised this year for Christmas and Hanukkah, it’s a great idea to start on Black Friday. That’s my plan anyway! There are so many bloggers and influencers out there that are giving away all the Black Friday deals it’s hard to know where to start…. But here are a … Continue Reading

I am so over… walking around London with a sore shoulder because I’ve been carrying my laptop all day and I’m sure I’m not the only one! I’ve been looking for a new laptop backpack now for about 4 months hoping that something will be suitable in the shops around London but I haven’t seen … Continue Reading

We all like to take cool photos and I go to many lengths to get the right photo. There are so many apps out there to make our photos look amazing but what I would really like is a mini drone to create photos that are usually impossible to capture. Tadaaaa… introducing the AirSelfie. This … Continue Reading

Want to get more followers on Instagram? I have doubled my instagram following this year and I did this over the summer with a few tweaks to the way I use the platform. I want to share this with you today. I don’t think there is any secret recipe, However, I think some of my … Continue Reading

I was very much looking forward to putting together the branding for Karen Campbell Marketing as Karen’s colour palette of choice was pastel greens and pinks. Colours that I hadn’t worked with for a while. Originally Karen wanted the logo to be pink but changed her mind once she saw it on the website. (the … Continue Reading

It was ‘date night’ with Mr Barclay… and this means that I am to meet him in London at a set location and time. It’s always a surprise and I never know where I’m going until I get a text message with the tube station and local bar or pub at which we are to … Continue Reading

When I think of a holiday, I think of white sands and turquoise beaches…. So when I first heard about Verve Rally, I wasn’t sure if it was for me… How wrong I was! Driving around Europe in a supercar, now that is something to remember! I decided to go on the 5 day ‘Palaces … Continue Reading

Barbecoa is Jamie Oliver’s brand new restaurant in Piccadilly, London and wow! I wasn’t expecting it to tick all the boxes (Sorry Jamie) When my friend Angela said to me recently, let’s meet in Barbecoa I really wasn’t expecting a trendy restaurant that had swanky decor and a fabulas menu. We both sat down and ordred … Continue Reading