Introducing London Web Girls new TV channel where I will be talking about all things Web, Tech, London, Social Media, Reviews and more! I will … Continue Reading

After seeing this little Cafe on my Instagram repeatedly making appearances, I had to go and find out if it was as beautiful as it looked. The images online are so pretty, feminine and fit for anyone with style and an avocado obsession. I made a date with my girl friends and off we went. … Continue Reading

I was recently invited to judge at the Quality Food Awards 2018. The judging panel is made up of food industry experts and various food retail professionals within the food industry. So when I was asked to join the judging panel, I was honoured. I love food and this is every ‘foodie’s’ dream job. Quality … Continue Reading

Have you heard about Goddess Toe? The Podcast for imperfect entrepreneurs? It’s full of valuable tips, interesting and to the point discussions about running your business, from the ups to the downs and everything inbetween. Dr Cath (founder of Private Practice Ninja) and Cory Cook (founder of Cory Cook Time Management) are the hostesses with … Continue Reading

At the beginning of the year I fell ill and couldn’t get out of bed.  Not only is January one of the busiest months of the year for me, but I hate to let clients down due to sickness. I had to cancel a ‘Website in a Day’ project and take a week off work. … Continue Reading

5 Things I’m Doing to Grow My Business in 2018 December is a great time to look back at over the last 12 months at which marketing strategies worked in 2017 that I want to carry over to 2018. I wanted to share these with you. Here they are: 2.Buffer I use Buffer to schedule … Continue Reading

I’m often meeting clients in London for coffee and have spent the last 8 years trying to find the best places that tick all my boxes… Those boxes are: Warm, it’s got to be warm, there’s nothing worse than being in a cold coffee shop that has the door open and shut every 30 seconds. … Continue Reading

Recently, as well as building websites I’ve been working with some amazing women on the new radio show ‘SheBuildsBrands’ Kubi Springer has bought together a great bunch of women to talk all things business, brands and lifestyle. Kubi Springer is the founder of SheBuildsBrands and creator of the SBB Radio Show. I was asked to … Continue Reading

If you are going to be organised this year for Christmas and Hanukkah, it’s a great idea to start on Black Friday. That’s my plan anyway! There are so many bloggers and influencers out there that are giving away all the Black Friday deals it’s hard to know where to start…. But here are a … Continue Reading

I am so over… walking around London with a sore shoulder because I’ve been carrying my laptop all day and I’m sure I’m not the only one! I’ve been looking for a new laptop backpack now for about 4 months hoping that something will be suitable in the shops around London but I haven’t seen … Continue Reading