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Web Design Business Accelerator Programme

Are you a web designer & worried about bringing in enough work?

Starting Monday 11th January 2021


Are you struggling to get the clients that are happy to pay you what you’re worth?

I will help you get over these challenges. It’s an educational programme giving
you all the skills you need to grow a highly successful web design business

Does this sound like you?

I feel like it’s going to take forever to grow my Agency

I hate the idea of marketing and I keep stopping and starting

I feel overwhelmed and don’t have any time left at the end of the day

I have a website but I’m still not getting enough clinets

I don’t really ‘get’ social media

I’m always working but not making proper money

More Referrals, More Clients, More Money

What We’re Going to Cover…

In 12 weeks we’ll conquer your challenges by covering:

  • Week 1 : Maybe you’re starting out on your own, but you haven’t really got your head around how best to promote yourself?

  • Week 2: Charge with confidence.

  • Week 3: Video! getting infront of the camera and talking about your services

  • Week 4: Maybe you’ve spend money on Google Ads, PR, social media courses, but you’re just not seeing a return on your money?

  • Week 5: Niche, talking about the power of niching and working with a particular industry or offering a single service

  • Week 6: End your worries around finding new clients

  • Week 7 : How to Stop doing everything yourself!

  • Week 8: Awards and Acredations, standing out from the competition.

  • Week 9:

  • Week 10: Looking into your website!

  • Week 11: Client mangement, How to source the best clients

  • Week 12: Proposals

Running your own business can be isolating. Don’t struggle alone. Get advice from somebody who has been where you are and made it work. Somebody who has found success.

Swiftly set up and grow your Private Practice

Get increased referrals

Define your niche

Position yourself as the go-to expert

Excel in your online presence

Learn how to use video and social media to get you infront of your clients

Stop wasting time and money on stuff that doesn’t work

How to get in front of higher paying clients

I will give you all the tools and momentum you need to have a flourishing web design agency, whether you’re just starting out, or are looking to really up your web design business game.

  • Maybe you’re starting out on your own, but you haven’t really got your head around how best to promote yourself?

  • Perhaps you’ve been in your agency a few years, but find it challenging to stand out from the competition?

  • Do you feel overwhelmed with the day-to-day running of your web design business, and have no time to focus on anything else?

  • Do you just need to get your arse into gear and finally make your web design business a success?

  • Video! lets get in front of the camera

  • Do you find yourself stop-starting with blogs and social media, and haven’t really figured out a marketing strategy?

  • Is fear of being infront of the camera holding you back from video?

  • Are you struggling to get the right clients through the door (the kind that are willing to invest in their brand and online presence)?

  • Do you feel like your current network couldn’t afford to pay you a higher price?

In Case We Haven’t Met… I’m Cheryl Laidlaw

With the right processes and strategies in place. I know consistently get paid a minimum of 3K per website and have so much work that I can’t take it all on. This same processs have given me the freedom to run the business how I want, round mylifestayle. Which for me means lots of travelling to cool places.

I used to be just like. Charging £600 per website and struggling to get by,
I just didnt know how to find the right types of clients that would pay me more and was hit with the same excuse “I can’t afford that”

Because I have been there! It’s taken me 10 years to figure out these strategies and I want to share them with you! I had no help whatsoever so I want to make sure your

I have struggled with the same issues as you and made it out the other side. I have built a successful web design business and a widely known personal brand.

But more than that, I have worked with others in a similar situation. I have also spoken to the leading figures in our industry about the secrets of their success.

Frequently asked questions

What is the Price?2020-10-21T17:13:50+01:00

The price of this course is £199 per month or £597.00

How do I watch the sessions?2020-10-21T17:11:33+01:00

All Sessions will take place on Zoom on a Monday morning at 10am. If you can’t make the Zoom live then there will be a recording for you to catch up in your own time.

Don’t Just Take My Word For It…

‘Worth every penny. I have learned so many useful things which will be of enormous value to my own business and to those of the other clinicians to whom I provide a service’.

Ben Bellamy

Are We the Right Fit For You?

We’re the right fit for you if…

  • You are willing to put in the work needed to grow your web design business
  • You are ready to learn but feel overwhelmed
  • You don’t consider yourself to be a “developer” but are happy to learn with us.
  • You’re happy to be active in the community
  • You are not fazed by accountability

We’re probably not the best option for you if…

  • You’re expecting instant results
  • You don’t put into action what you have learned

  • You’d rather figure it all out on you’re own

  • You don’t see the value of learning how to market your web design business
  • You don’t want to do the work and would rather figure it out by yourself.

The Web Design Business Accelerator

Are you a web designer & worried about bringing in enough work?


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