If you’re not taking some time in your schedule to use Instagram Stories to grow your business – I hate to say it, but you are massively missing out. Instagram Stories are a great way to boost your build brand awareness, build engagement, drive traffic to your website and – yes – appeal to new clients. Despite the fact that Instagram is one of the largest social media platforms out there (400 million monthly active users), its power is overlooked by many.


• Being able to use Instagram app
• Being able to download and use mobile apps from app store

It’s taken me a long time to gather all the tricks of the platform and I want to share it with you.

  • What are Instagram Stories

  • Why Instagram stories should be part of your Makreting Strategy

  • Your Brand Story – [Questionnaire]

  • What to post and Ideas

  • Adding value

  • How to tell your Story

  • Back up Stories

  • Posting

  • Additional Apps

  • How to

  • Q&A

If you are still not sure wheather to consider Instagram stories for business, just look at this stat from Instagram:

“Users under the age of 25 look at Stories for an average of 32 minutes every day, and those of us above 25 spend 24 precious minutes out of every day watching other people document their lives. That’s two minutes more than the length of your standard sitcom. ” – Instagram

We can not afford to Ignore this social media platform. This is where all the attention is.

Hi! I’m a Cheryl Laidlaw (London Web Girl) and I’m passionate about Instagram stories.

I included Instagram stories in my marketing stragey in June 2017. I honeslty wasn’t keen on putting my face in front of the camera but I could see the evidence of sucess across the platform and I wanted a slice of the Instagram fame too. My first stories were amerture but over time I found new tools and got more confident in front of the camera. I discovered new apps which made my content more engageing and soon devloped a comunity online that grew and grew. I didnt set out to do a Instagram course but I was being asked all the time. So here it is…..

Award Winning Female Web Designer

NOT To brag but i’ve done alright