I am so over… walking around London with a sore shoulder because I’ve been carrying my laptop all day and I’m sure I’m not the only one! I’ve been looking for a new laptop backpack now for about 4 months hoping that something will be suitable in the shops around London but I haven’t seen any I like.  I decided that I was going to put some time into researching this market and invest in a backpack that is functional and stylish…

Here are my finds for stylish Laptop backpacks for women…

1.  Wenger Alexa 16″ Laptop Backpack with Tablet Pocket, Black
Wenger Alexa 16" Laptop Backpack with Tablet Pocket, Black

I found this Wenger Alexa on the John Lewis website, I liked this because not only has it got space for a 15″ laptop but there is also space for a tabet and more! I also like the nice gold detail in the zip and fastenings. this would go with most of my wardrobe. Check the bag out here

3.  KNOMO Berlin 15” Backpack

If you are looking for a plain black bag, this is your backpack! I would like to see some gold trim to bring this bag some personality but this is just a functional black backpack. This would go with most outfits but will never win any prizes for style in my book.  Check the bag out here

3.  KNOMO Harewood 15″ laptop tote

Once again another KNOMO find. It’s a perfect size for my 15″ laptop… Looks stylish and I like the extra handles on the top of the bag which make it more manageable. I’m just not sure that I will be able to fit my laptop charger in here too. What’s your thoughts?  Check the bag out here

3.  MICHAEL KORS Bryant pebble leather backpack

This was a last minute find… and the reason I included this is that it’s big enough to fit a laptop in and it has a hidden tablet sleeve. The compartment on the outside for other storage would be a bonus but remember don’t put any valuables in that section. It’s a haven for pickpocketers.  Check the bag out here

6. CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Trictrac small portfolio

Without a shadow of a doubt this bag is gorgeous! There are a few drawbacks and it’s obvious to see that you will struggle to put anything in here other than your laptop. You will look super cool but not so much when your battery runs out in the middle of a client meeting. Check the bag out here

6.  CHANEL Backpack

I had to include the Chanel backpack, after having a moan on Instagram about the lack of backpacks for women, I had a client reach out and say she didn’t leave home without her trusty CHANEL. so here it is… It’s one of the larger backpacks I’ve featured and if you are a fashionista then this is the bag for you.
Check the bag out here

So there we have it… Lots of research went into these selected backpacks and its fair to say there isnt enough varity out there for women that want to stay on trend, be fundtional and not break their back in the process. Please, will sombody make more backpacks for professional women, Amen!

If you have any backpack finds that you would like to share with me please do comment below and share a link of your backpack. Thnaks alot

Cheryl x