Have you heard about Goddess Toe? The Podcast for imperfect entrepreneurs? It’s full of valuable tips, interesting and to the point discussions about running your business, from the ups to the downs and everything inbetween. Dr Cath (founder of Private Practice Ninja) and Cory Cook (founder of Cory Cook Time Management) are the hostesses with the mostess. They are currently in season 1 which gets released every Thursday on iTunes. I usually like to sit on the train and listen in on my way to town to see my clients. I find myself laughing out loud at their funny jokes and honest business chatter.
I was recently asked if I would like to be a guest on the show titled ‘Thou Shalt Embrace Tech’ I was over the moon and we had a lot of fun recording it! Dr Cath and Cory talk about a variety of great subjects and they say what we are all thinking, which makes us relate to them more and in turn makes the podcast so enjoyable to listen to.

Not only do Dr Cath and Cory Cook have their own businesses to run but this podcast is so professionally put together you wonder how they have the time to do it all. They embrace tech, write books and blogs, get up early to start their day and still manage to look amazing in the flesh. They are an inspirational duo.
Check them out on iTunes and let me know what you think!