At the beginning of the year I fell ill and couldn’t get out of bed.  Not only is January one of the busiest months of the year for me, but I hate to let clients down due to sickness. I had to cancel a ‘Website in a Day’ project and take a week off work. I thought I had the flu to begin with, but I wasn’t getting any better and it was coming into the 2nd week of feeling like sh!t. I had a Ski trip planned with friends and I was feeling very sorry for myself, as I had sleepless night after sleepless night.
I was determined not to feel like this anymore, and I had clients to see. I googled ‘Local Doctor’, and there it was ‘Push Doctor’. I remembered seeing the advert on the tube and thinking ‘wow this is the future!’. You can see a doctor through the app using video software, for just £20.00. Without hesitation, I downloaded it straight away and booked my appointment. Which was a whole 8 minutes later! I saw the Doctor from my bed, and he prescribed me antibiotics with suspected Laryngitis. The Doctor said that my prescription would be sent to my local Pharmacy, and be available for collection in an hour. The prescription cost £8 along with the Pharmacy fee of £14.00, and I received the antibiotics within an 1 hour and a half. So the total cost for the Doctor consultation and my medicine prescription was only £42.00, and it was worth every penny! I was then on the flight to Austria for my Skiing holiday, just 3 days later. I’m not sure that without the Push Doctor that flying would have been possible.

Our world is changing, and I hear too often of how people can’t get an appointment with their local GP.  Or how the waiting list is 3 weeks long. This will change all of that with the help of technology. We have to embrace the change, and at desperate times pay the money to be seen. I know I will!
I highly recommend downloading this app for the daily running of your ship. 🙂