Want to get more followers on Instagram? I have doubled my instagram following this year and I did this over the summer with a few tweaks to the way I use the platform. I want to share this with you today.
I don’t think there is any secret recipe, However, I think some of my advice can help you build a better following on the platform and have more engagement.
To gain more Instagram followers, I advise…
1. Have a intriguing bio
You need to give people a reason to follow you, talk about what you are passionate about and include a what you do if you want to promote a business. Some people include a free download or worksheet to entice people to visit their website. This is a great idea if you can put some time aside to do this.
2. Post regularly 
I usually post a picture once her day, I wouldn’t recommend posting too much as your content may become irrelevant and you could lose followers as a result.
3. Add your location to your pictures
As I’m out and about loads, I always include where the photo was taken. Even if I’m posting the next day I will go to the location area and search for the location from the day before. If in doubt I will tag. London, Untied Kingdom .
4. Be personal, and be truly you.  
I found that since I share a brief story of what’s going on in my life in the comments section I have more engagement. I used to believe that people weren’t interested in my life but I was completely wrong. Your followers want to know all about you so it’ss up to you how much you share.
5. Use hashtags!
I use lots of them! But “studies” have shown that 11 hashtags are the optimal number, The maximum allowed on Instagram is 30. And if you go over, Instagram will punish you by deleting the whole comment in the post and you will have to start again. I change mine up so I show up in different feeds. It’s also good to find a few hashtag that aren’t over used. The reason I say this is because you have more of a opportunity to show up in the ‘Top Post’s section of the hashtag. For example you can see that I am showing up in ‘Top Post’s for the hashtag ‘#creatingsomethingbeautiful’.
6. Tag other accounts
I try to remember to tag people or places in my photos. This is easy if you have friends that are on Instagram but I try to find the restaurant on Instagram tag them too. Not only will they love you for sharing their restaurant but you could get a shout out and a repost from them too. Just like the Sanderson did when I visited them in August and took a photo of their new Courtyard Garden.

7. Like and follow other accounts similar to yours or prospective clients.
I make a point of going to people’s profiles that I’m interested in and liking a good few photos to show my support. I’ll comment too to make myself known. If I really like there account I’ll do the same and follow them too. People can be protective about who they follow but I’ve learnt to go and see what’s out there and if you find that their account is of no interest any more, just unfollow. We can’t take it personally to get unfollowed. It’s just life.
8. Reply to your comments 
Try to reply to every comment. Find the time when you are commuting to your next meeting. This will encourage more people to join in and come back to your profile.
Let me know know you get on with my tips for getting more instagram followers. If you have any questions, come and find me on instagram @londonwebgirl and shoot me a DM. 🙂