It was ‘date night’ with Mr Barclay… and this means that I am to meet him in London at a set location and time. It’s always a surprise and I never know where I’m going until I get a text message with the tube station and local bar or pub at which we are to meet. To start, we usually go for drinks so he can put me off the scent, but after much pressing, he let’s the cat out of the bag.
This time round it was the Holborn Dining Room at the Rosewood Hotel located on High Holborn. I remember the days when it was called Pearl… but that’s another story!
The staff were fantastic, friendly and got us our drinks straight away.
I asked Mr Barclay why he had chosen the Holborn Dining Room, he said there were a number of reasons: the retro style dining room and outdoor terrace which was perfect for a summer drink and secondly, they have a secret menu item – ‘Beef Willington’. Enough said, I thought.
Mr Barclay and I usually have a rule… No starters on ‘Date Night’ which is a rule we always break! We compromise and share a starter. This was the ‘Lobster Thermidor Tart’ which was excellent.
For main, the piece de resistance, the secret menu Beef Wellington! A Truly delicious hidden gem. [but ssshhh, it’s secret]
beef wellington at the holborn dinning room
If you fancy trying the this hidden gem you will need to request this from your waiter, nicely.
The Holborn Dining Room is definitely worth a visit.
Here’s where you can book and find Holborn Dining Room…
020 3747 8633
High Holborn, London WC1V 7EN