When I think of a holiday, I think of white sands and turquoise beaches…. So when I first heard about Verve Rally, I wasn’t sure if it was for me…
How wrong I was!
Driving around Europe in a supercar, now that is something to remember!
I decided to go on the 5 day ‘Palaces & Chateaux’ rally in France. We stayed in Chantilly, Versaille, and Flexanville and honestly, I have never heard of these places before.  (holds head in hands)
Day 1
We started at Home House in London, a private members club where we gathered for a breakfast, safety briefing and the directions to our first location in France. Everyone was super excited!
We crossed the Eurotunnel and headed to our first destination in Chantilly, The weather was perfect over in France, which made the drive even more enjoyable.
When we arrived, the hotel (Château Mont-Royal) is stunning! We parked the cars out front and went in to be greeted with a glass of ‘well deserved’ Champagne, following a 3-course meal where the group got to know each other more.

Day 2 
Our second day started at breakfast at a reasonable time of 10:30 – phew!
It was such a shame to be saying good bye this hotel but we knew there was going to be another one just around the corner.
We had to be down stairs and ready for 12 pm for our departure to our first excursion which was at Château de Chantilly.
Wow! what a place! if you haven’t been, you are missing out! We drove the cars all around the grounds and had photos taken with Château de Chantilly in the background. This is one of my favourite photos from the trip.

We had lunch here before setting off to Versaille.
As soon as we got to the next hotel, there was no hanging around as we had tickets to the Palace of Versailles show in the palace rooms. The interior was amazing and so was the performance. This palace is like nothing I’ve seen before. huge rooms, high ceilings, with a story for each one.

After the show was finished we went out for dinner to finish the evening off. Again meeting other people that were also on the rally.

Sunday was a relaxation and spa day, many of us had been out to Paris the night before for a party so ‘rest day’ was well received. Half the group went to a night club called VIP Rooms in the center of Paris. We arrived quite late and I had no idea what the joner of music was going to be so I was apprehensive.
Fortunately! the music turned out to be R&R and pop which was right up my street. Myself and my new friends partied the night away until the early hours. (We didn’t want to leave haha) In fact we still have one thing left to do on our bucket list that evening (early hours)
…and that was to go to the Eiffel Tower and have our photos taken. We took lots… none that were good enough to make an Instagram post though.
Day 3

Many of us went to the Gardens of Versailles to see the fountains and the Gardens of course. It took some all day whilst others including myself only went for a couple of hours to see the best bits in the afternoon. The gardens are beautiful and it takes a whole day to get round to everything single one (so I heard)

Day 4
Monday morning we left Versailles and made our way to Flexanville. This was our last evening on Verve Rally but we knew it would be a good one. The hotel was once again amazing (Château de Villiers-le-Mahieu) and the Verve Team had an awards night planned for us with Champagne tasting. #winning
AND … I won an award for the most creative social media photos on the trip Yay #doublewin
As it was our last night we continued to celebrate our new friendships that we made and stayed up to the early hours.

Day 5

After not much sleep it was an early start for our last day on Verve Rally. For the few that wanted to go, the Verve team had arranged a Hot air balloon ride! It was a bit cold that morning so I decided in true ‘London Web Girl’ style that I would go up in the balloon in my bathrobe. (to stay warm of course and fully dressed underneath) haha
It felt quite natural jumping into a basket that was still on the ground. The views were fantastic and we could even see Paris in the distance with the Eiffel tower silhouette creating a statement view. Once the hour was up… I’m not going to lie I was relieved to be down… There’s something quite strange about floating in the air in a basket. So glad I did it though!

This trip isn’t over yet as we had one more excursion to do before we left France for England and that was to go to the Monet Gardens. WOW I loved it here! This is another must see! This was a surprise that was including in our last day. Once again I sound like an old lady but the gardens and the famous lake/pond that Monet painted was so wonderful to see. I’ve recommended it to everyone and now you.
So from the joining the Verve Rally, I’ve discovered that I’m into gardens, love fast cars even more, love champagne (knew that already) and love the French countryside.
The cars, the hotels and the people make this trip a ‘must do’ on everyone’s bucket list.
If you are interested in Verve Rally for 2018, here is what you have to chose from:
London to Ibiza Verve Rally (6 days) , or
The flagship 7 European Countries (9 days)
For more information, see their website – www.ververally.com or contact the team directly on : hello@ververally.com