Why Your Business Should Make Time for LinkedIn

While social media strategy is becoming an integral part of the business world for most businesses the days, it can be all too easy to just look towards Facebook or Twitter to reach out to consumers. These sites are great and it is recommended that most businesses should have a presence on these sites but when it comes to social media, there may be a site that is far more beneficial to the needs of your business.

LinkedIn has been around for more than 10 years now and with more than 225 million members in over 200 countries around the world, this is a platform with people your business needs to connect with. The fact that 2 new members join up with LinkedIn every two seconds provides the growth rate that firms are always looking for and for sheer numbers alone, there is a reason for firms to have a viable LinkedIn presence. However, there are genuine benefits that come from being active and engaged on this site and firms should be taking LinkedIn very seriously for a number of reasons.

Target marketing has to be at the heart of everything

When it comes to online marketing, one of the most important features is the ability to create focused campaigns and promotions for selected target markets. When it comes to precision target marketing, LinkedIn provides benefits that are not available on other social media sites. Depending on your business and the products and services that you deliver, being able to promote directly to certain professionals and decision makers at major businesses can be the starting point for success. With respect to targeting specific clients and consumers, the benefits of LinkedIn are as strong as Facebook however, when it comes to targeting business professionals and decision makers, LinkedIn is far more impressive.

Facebook is a fun site where friends engage and interact and many people will keep their social life far away from their business life. This means that companies looking to engage with potential business clients may find that they are unable to make inroads on Facebook or Twitter. However, with business professionals logging into their community on LinkedIn every day to get the latest business news and opinions that are relevant to them, this is the platform where companies can engage and interact with the business clients and customers that they want to reach out.

Enhance your hiring pipeline with LinkedIn

Another very strong aspect for businesses looking for a reason to switch to LinkedIn comes with the support it can provide for your hiring pipeline. Most HR departments are placing a greater level of importance on creating relationships with employees that may be suitable for jobs further down the line. This helps to minimise the problems caused by unexpected departures and it can allow a firm to promote the employment benefits that they will provide to all future employees. There is a need for major business to engage not only with customers and current employees but with potential future employees too. LinkedIn is the ideal social media platform for the hiring pipeline and all recruitment activities.

With LinkedIn, there is an opportunity to create a business page which can become your hub for every activity you wish to take on the site. Whether your main focus in on product and service promotion, providing news to the industry or even looking to create relationships with potential employees, LinkedIn is the professional choice that is aimed at the people your business wants to work with.

In the current climate, social media sites provide the perfect platform to create relationships and work closely with clients, customers and the best people in your business. If your firm does not have a viable and reliable presence on LinkedIn, you are providing a strong advantage to your rivals. If you felt that social media sites networking opportunities were all about Facebook, it is time to think again.