Often when I have my first meeting with a client regarding their website,  I ask them what their plans are for the images on the website? There are normally a few replies that I’m used to hearing:

• ‘Oh, I thought you would be sorting that out?’
• ‘Yes I’m having professional photography session next month…’
• ‘We are thinking of using stock images to make life easier.’
• ‘Yes I had images taken in 2014 that I can use.’

*40% of people will respond better to visual information than plain text.  By seeing a photo of you, potential clients will feel like they know you before they even pick up the telephone to contact you.
(Source: Zabisco)

Stock photos vs Photographers

Stock photos are pictures of someone else’s vision and someone else’s interpretation of an idea, concept or feeling.  But is it yours?
I will always advise my clients to have professional photographs taken with a professional photographer, to achieve your own look and feel for your website, which is key to branding and attracting your ideal clients.

When you hire a photographer it’s important to sit down with them and talk over what you want to achieve from the photo shoot; how you want the photos set and in what environment. I advise my clients put together a mood board or Pinterest board so they can give the ideas to the photographer a few days before the shoot.

If your photoshoot is of you and the team, its really important that the finer details are discussed, for example:

• What are you all going to wear?
• What poses are you going to use?
• Is it an inside or outdoor shoot?

And lastly… Get your marketing team talking

Once you’ve picked a photographer that you’re happy with, make sure that they speak to your website designer so the photographer knows what size the final images are going to be. For example, if the images are shot up close but the web image mock up is panoramic, the web designer will struggle to make the professional images look as good as they want them to be.  Please talk to them all before your photo shoot!

I’m happy to give you advice if you’re looking to update your images for your website, please get in touch: cheryl@reyl.co.uk