Should I use video on my websites?

– Yes you should!

Video Production for Website and Business

The video boom has really hit Reyl Design Group, most of my clients now are walking out the door with their video embedded websites. It’s the new buzz word, and there aren’t many who don’t suggest video.

So is it a good idea to have video on your website? And the answer is yes. Some clients like to have it on their home page so they can make an impression on people who click on their site, and for others they like to put it on their sub pages. This really depends on what the client is trying to sell. Some services and products need very few words as others need a bit of a push and what better way of doing it than with video.

Video shows the personalities of the people behind the company, giving you the feel of a more personal service. It can also give the client a better view and feel of the product they are buying.

So next time you come across a video on a website, think about how it makes you feel and if you like it. Would you click the video to see what it is your are buying? Your clients will too.

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