Making your website idiot proof

by Cheryl Laidlaw
When it comes to redesigning your website there are many factors to think about , not only does your website have to be eye catching and inviting, it also needs to be idiot proof. If your navigation menus are not clearly marked your client/customer is not going to know where to go and will soon go elsewhere. Make sure that your service/products are clearly marked.

Call to action buttons are an essential tool to draw the cleint/customer into your page, these are the buttons like ‘SHOP NOW’ or ‘ FREE CALL BACK’. Buttons like this make the site much easier to use.

Theres also the colour to think about, what colour represents your brand? Easy jet have used the colour orange. Orange is normally associated with cheap and low budget.

Where as Bristish airways use the colour Navy blue,  navy blue is an up market luxury colour. So what colour represents you?

Try and keep your logo to the left hand side of the page and keep your text to a minimum, striking images will also draw the viewer in! And remember always use a professional photographs.

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