How Social Media Can Improve Your Business

While the vast majority of businesses accept that having an online presence is crucial these days, it is important to know that a website is no longer enough by itself. The emergence of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter has created an online community where people congregate and socialise and all businesses need to be where their public is.
This is why having social media pages and accounts can help to improve your business. There is a need to properly engage with your friends or followers but if used correctly, social media can provide a wide range of benefits for companies.

Build your brand across a number of platforms

For social media to be effective, it needs to interlink to and from your company website. If people find you on social media, you want to ensure that you can direct them towards your site and that they will like what you offer. Equally, if people find your website, you then want to ensure that you can pass them through to your social media pages, because this will create a stronger link between yourself and the customer.

Modern web design doesn’t have to be complicated; in fact, simple web design that has strong links to social media pages and provides customers with what they want is the way to go. A web site should contain a lot more than what is communicated on social media pages but there needs to be a connection. Even basic web design services can help to build your brand across different mediums and if you need assistance in this area, there are many web developer London professionals able to point you in the right direction.

Cost effective

Expenditure is always going to be important for a business and the cost of reaching out to people on social media pages can be as low as free if you engage properly. Sometimes the best advertising and promotion comes from being witty and funny. If you engage well, people will want to see what you have to say and one of the biggest factors in the rise of social media is the way that people share content, posts and videos. Rather than spending money on big advertising campaigns, a well-constructed line of posts can bring about greater benefits.

Facebook and Twitter also provide advertising opportunities where you can directly target consumers by age, location or interests so even if you are looking to pay for promotion, you can receive a cost effective solution.

It allows for very targeted promotional campaigns

A large part of the reason that social media provides value for money is the fact that you can directly target people that you are interested in. If someone follows you or likes your page, they already have an interest in your product or service. This means if you have new products or sales events coming up, you can contact these consumers directly.

It allows current users to act as influencers

While this is great news, others firms may prefer the benefit that comes with the connections that people have on these sites. Promoting to an existing customer is important but if that customer then shares your link or re-tweets your message to their followers, you are getting a double boost.

Firstly, more people get to find out about your activities but your existing customer is also providing an endorsement for your product or service. People are more likely to take notice of a firm if a friend has recommended them and the nature of social media lends itself perfectly to friends acting as influencers.

More immediate and more honest feedback

It is important to ensure that social media pages are not just used for promotion and one way communication. The whole point of these sites is to engage with people and a smart firm will welcome feedback. If you are able to engage with customers and take on board their views, you can provide services that are more tailored to the stated needs of your customers.

Social media sites provide great benefits for not a lot of money, which means that every firm should be looking to create or expand their online presence.

Cheryl Laidlaw