Have you tried Instagram
yet for your business?
It’s not just for selfies


When it comes to using social media, there will be some sites that people think of being for personal use and others for business use. LinkedIn is definitely a platform that people think of in business terms but when it comes to Instagram, many will consider it to be a personal platform. However, many businesses can benefit from using Instagram to boost their profile.

One of the ways that you can really set your business apart from other is using Instagram to add a personal touch to what you offer. It is important to always remain professional in what you do but if you can showcase a little about you and the people working at your office, it will help you to come across as likeable, which instantly helps to develop a rapport with your customers. Showcasing your personal side is often difficult for online businesses but showing your team or yourself in action, around your place of work or using your products will help customers connect to what you offer.

It can even be good to show yourself or your employees around the local community, enjoying a local coffee shop or spending time in a local park. Instagram is the perfect platform to showcase your personality and remind people that you are a business with warmth, personality and depth.

Instagram stats indicate it is worth persevering with

If you are yet to be convinced by Instagram some stats, correct as of the start of April 2014 may be of interest to you. Instagram has over 200 million users, there are over 20 billion photos on Instagram and 60 million are being added every day. This is clearly a vibrant and popular platform that people are turning to on a very regular basis. 70% of these users check in at least once a day and 35% of these users check in multiple times in a day. There are over 1 billion likes a day on Instagram, so there are plenty of people sharing the love, which is always a great way to grow your business. The Instagram app has also shown a growth of 66% for the last year compared to the year before that so all signs indicate that this is a social media platform that is on the rise. If you are keen to make a positive impact on a platform that will make a difference to your business, this is the platform that is right for you.

Obviously selfies are fun and if the situation arises, you should be confident enough to add a selfie that involves your business. However, don’t expect for your image to achieve the fame and adulation that Ellen’s at the Oscars managed to or any of the selfies featuring Barack Obama. However, the right sort of image can help your firm to reach out to potential customers, which is exactly why businesses should be utilising social media platforms.

Think about hashtags on Instagram

Of course, knowing how to get your image and messages across can be a difficult process but there are ways in which you can boost your brand and image. One good thing about Instagram is that many of the tactics that your office has utilised on Twitter (you have used Twitter for your business haven’t you) can be re-used on Instagram. This can be seen in the use of hashtags. You may find hashtags to be annoying but when used effectively, and with a proper business approach, it can broadcast your images and your company’s message to countless users on the platform.

Thinking about hashtags is a lot like researching keywords for your website or business. A good way to start using hashtags is to look at your rivals or busiesses you admire and consider the way that they use hashtags. The tags could be based on location, benefits of the product, trending topics or the sort of connection that potential customers will feel.

Instagram may seem like a world removed from other social media platforms, and not something geared at businesses, but that would be to overlook the importance of Instagram.

By Cheryl Laidlaw

For more information on how to use Instagram or other social media platforms, contact Cheryl on cheryl@reyl.co.uk