Do you remember when we used to throw sheep on Facebook?

When you live with someone or something every day, it can be hard to notice the subtle changes that take place. It is only when you stop and look back at old pictures or video clips that you start to take in the huge changes that can take place over a couple of months or years. This is the same for Facebook.
Let’s face it, for most of us, Facebook is a fairly integral part of everyday life. Even if you are able to stay off the social media site every day, you will sheep_animlikely come back to it every couple of days. With the site appearing on your smartphone or tablet device, it becomes harder to avoid it, which means we forget all about the way it used to look. There have been some rather big Facebook changes in the past decade and there will likely be some that you forgot all about.

An example of that would be the fact that we used to throw sheep at our friends to engage, interact and have fun. This was a step on from the basic act of poking and for many people; it was a major part of why they enjoyed Facebook. You may not recall the old days when the site was called The Facebook but you may remember the days before the thumb became synonymous with the site.

Facebook has had to go through many changes

While change is not always good, there has been a need for Facebook to progress and develop. As technology improves, the number of users increase and the need for income gets stronger, a lot of changes have been implemented. Not all have been well received and not all have been utilised with the end user in mind. However, the evolution of Facebook is a great example of effective web design. The increasing ease of use means that Facebook should be regarded as a stunning example of simple web design. We may have days where we feel like throwing Facebook and our laptops or smartphones out of the window, but on the whole, it is a simple and engaging site to use.

You may not consider Facebook to be the pinnacle of modern web design, but it provides a platform for a huge amount of people to interact and engage. It may not be the best example of beautiful web design, but it is a stylish example of effective web design.sheep_anim

You can have ease of use and great style in a web site

Of course, it is possible to blend functionality with fashion with respect to web design. Working with contemporary web designers, it is possible to get the best of both worlds.

It is also possible to have a site that you love, which also allows you to reach out to users. If you are looking for the best web marketing London has to offer or you would like to benefit from the most web design Uxbridge can provide, you are in luck. From logo design to creating an effective website development plan, assistance is available at every step of the creation of your new site. When a site is your calling card to the world and an introduction to your business, you need to ensure it looks great and represents you fully. You may miss the days where you would give your friends a poke to get a conversation started, but in reality, it is not something that is overtly missed by many when it comes to Facebook. You may feel as though you need social media training to keep with the changing nature of the site, but all you need to be is hands on. There is always support a social media expert if you are keen to develop your skills in a professional manner, but for everyday users, the best thing is to have fun when you are using Facebook and similar sites.