12 Reasons Why Your Business Needs To Be On Google+

You may feel as though your business is already on enough social media sites and engaging enough with customers but with the emergence of Google+, you have one more site where you need to have a social presence. The story of Google+ may have started slowly but it is on the rise and this is the time to develop your presence and be ready for the future developments. Here are 12 reasons why your business needs to be on Google+.

1. Because it’s Google

This is a simple yet effective reason to be on Google+. You know the strength of Google and you know the fact that it is always going to work hard to strengthen and make itself even more indispensable to users. When being found on Google is crucial for your business, make sure you can be found on Google+.

2. The SEO Benefits

Following neatly on from the need to be found, Google+ recommendations for your site or services are known to have a positive impact on your search engine rankings. The Google Algorithm has always supported personal recommendations and with the chance to give a +1 from Google+, it is inevitable that Google search rankings will be impacted on by these recommendations.

3. Increase your Authority

If you are a Google+ member and you create blog posts and articles, your data will be found on search engine result lists next to the article. Any individual or business looking to be recognised as an expert in their field will benefit greatly from this feature.

4. Check Results

If there is one thing that Google has been great for but has been overlooked by some it is analytics. If you want to find out more about who, what and the why of visitors to your site, make sure that you are linked in with Google because they have all the information you could need.

5. Recommendations Seem More Personal

Most Google+ accounts have people’s faces on them and so when a friend or person recommends your firm; it will come across as a more personal recommendation. These are the recommendations that drive business and Google+ bring them to life online.

6. Focus Campaigns

With the ability to create circles on any group of people, demographic, area of whatever category you like, you can create promotional campaigns that directly target the people you are looking to reach out to.

7. Build a Network

In the current climate, two way marketing and properly engaging with customers and clients is crucial. Google+ is a big believer in two-way marketing so get involved and speak to customers whenever you can.

8. It’s Expanding

Not only are more people coming onto Google+, the features and capabilities provided by Google+ are improving all the time. If you want to ensure that you are up to speed and not left behind, get involved as quickly as you possibly can.

9. Your Customers Are Here

You need to be where the people are and as a large number of online users use Google, you have a genuine opportunity to reach out to the people that you want to sell to and market to.

10. Get The Best of Both Worlds

Google has always been the place to be found with respect to search engine results and now Google+ combines with the benefits of social media engagement. You get two of the strongest elements for online promotion in one convenient place with Google+.

11. Be Local

As part of the ever improving service offered by Google+, there is an increasing focus being placed on local services so if you want to impact on local businesses or customers, make sure that you can be found on Google+.


The video conference capabilities provided by Google+ with their Hangout facilities are top-notch and can really help you to engage with others in a real time and valuable fashion. It is possible to video conference with up to 9 other people at one time with Google+, which should make it an obvious choice for many businesses.